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Innovative Rehab Solutions

Cutting Edge Aquatic Therapy

Innovative Rehab Solutions has successfully helped establish many unique programs in hospitals and rehab clinics, including aquatic therapy. In fact, our facility is home to the only underwater treadmill in Valdosta! Using breakthrough approaches such as these, we are able to treat many conditions, such as:


• Incontinence Clinic
• Migraines
• Fibromyalgia
• Vertigo
• Incontinence
• Medically Complicated Patients with Numerous Conditions

• Chronic Pain (Back, Hip, Knee)
• Depression
• Stroke
• Frequent Falls and Injuries
• Cancer Pain Management
• Parkinson's Disease

• Degenerative Brain Disease
• Pediatric Conditions (ADHD, Delayed Milestone)
• Orthopedic Specialization
• Balance Training
• Modalities for Pain Relief
• Dry Needling

Cutting-Edge Physical Therapy

Our state-of-the-art physical, occupational, and speech therapy clinic specializes in providing a new approach to pain relief, regardless of how long you've been suffering. We have successfully helped several hospitals in Southern Georgia, and currently provide outpatient services for acute and long-term care hospitals that refer patients to us.

Our clinic also features Georgia's first underwater treadmill, which is used by highly trained professionals to treat pain, limited ranges of movement, and more for patients of any age. Our team is uniquely trained to treat complex pain issues of mobility and degenerative brain disease. Rather than relying on dated exercises, we guarantee to improve your quality of life with new, effective strategies.

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